Up until now there has not been a guide that has been readily available and accessible to visitors of the Isles of Scilly. Businesses and points of interest situated further off the beaten track may not be gaining the attention they so deserve.

With the app so easy for visitors to download, ensure your business and points of interest are highlighted for all to see. Have greater exposure to the growing number of visitors coming to the Isles of Scilly each year. Engage with visitors and promote your business, generating interest and maximising opportunities, ensuring visitors make the most of their time on the Islands, and keeping them coming back for more.


With businesses and local attractions registering to be featured everyday the app is growing quickly.

The official launch date for both the IOS and Android apps is March 1st 2019, ready for the summer of 2019 where we are expecting even more visitors than the year before, all downloading and using the app to make their way around the islands and all the attractions.


The IOS and Android apps will be heavily marketed across all ports of call, prompting all passengers visiting the islands via air or sea to download the app for their travels. 

The app will then allow the visitors to have all essential travel information for all islands in the palm of their hand with one simple click.

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